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  • ltekt2010

    Why Does 
    Story Industry 
    Need Blockchain

    What is the story industry? 
    This refers to the media industry based on narratives such as movies, dramas, and webtoons. The role of middleman (distributor) in the current story industry is positive in that it is responsible for the effort to give the end consumer the optimal benefit of secondary work. 

    However, how much benefit will the screenwriters of the 10 million-viewed film benefit? How much will ordinary readers benefit from reading and responding to the original novel? How often is the "excess revenue" distributed to the original writer when the original story is sold as a secondary copyright? 

    The problem of distributing the excess revenue occured only yesterday or today, but we believe that this should not be occured again tomorrow.

    Now we need a fair ditribution & allocation for the writer who created the story, which is the source material for the media additive industry, which amounts to 130 trillion won in the future. 

    In the meantime, it has been so difficult to reliably collect notarized quantitative data, which could be used as the basis for distribution. 

    The time has come that we have to try to measure "creation contribution data" more accurately through DLT(Distributed Ledger Technology) and give compensation to storytellers before copyright sales. Further more, if you could make story IP(intellectual property) as an asset, raise fund with your story IP and track core contribution datas from creating it, then it will soon become a whole new life style that two different fields - creative activities and the investment techniques change into simple




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